Sunday, 30 April 2017

Climate change and sparrows: PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat was all about the environment – Here's what he said

Merely four months into the year, the people of India are already experiencing what seems like peak summers.
The discourse on global warming and climate change has taken over a larger domain in the last few years and its rapidly growing effects have raised questions on Earth's habitability in the future.
Needless to say, the phenomenon of climate change is making its magnanimous presence felt in a bigger way, every day, every month.
Climate change and global warming are gradually wreaking havoc over the planet and the negative effects can be seen on various levels.
India, for one, can definitely feel the heat which seems to be increasing every day. Merely four months into the year, the people of India are already experiencing what seems like peak summers.
Elaborating more on this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at length about climate change and how it seems to be affecting people, during today's Mann Ki Baat, saying that this could also be a chance to be sensitive.
He noted that the mercury levels are rising and said that it didn't come as a surprise when people wrote to him about it when he asked for Mann Ki Baat suggestions.
"Nature is changing its rules now, the summer heat we used to face in the month of May and June has shifted to March and April... many people who send their suggestions to me point out what should we do amid such heat," he said.
With such a situation at hand, he urged people to offer water to those who visit our doorstep while working in the sun, like postmen, milkmen, vegetable vendors, etc.
"Ask for a glass of water for the postman who arrives at your house in the scorching heat to deliver a letter... keep water in balcony for the birds," Modi said.
Besides climate change, PM Modi also touched upon the topic of 'Save the Sparrow'. Once found in huge numbers across the world, the small bird is slowly making its way to the endangered list.
He recalled how Mr Jagat Kinkhabwala wrote to him about his efforts regarding the same and how such efforts must be encouraged.
Encouraging people to sensitise their children through bird feeders, Modi also pointed out a community's effort in Gujarat towards sparrow conservation.

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