Friday, 3 February 2017

7 Reasons To Have Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of those wonder foods that is being much talked about by health experts. It is among the top 5 healthy oils that are known to us. We all know that fish oil contains tons of good cholesterol. However, there are many more health benefits of fish oil other than controlling your cholesterol levels. People often have many misconceptions about this healthy oil. Lets break the myths first.
What is Fish Oil?
This oil is derived from the tissues of fatty or oily fish. Fatty fish we do not literally mean fish that are fat. Fatty fish are bigger fish like whale. The oil extracted from these fish are not used for cooking but eaten as vitamin tablets. It is usually available in translucent capsules.

Here are some reasons to have fish oil regularly.

1. Betters Your Lipid Profile: Lipid profile is a blood scan to know the types of lipids (fats) present in your bloodstream.. Triglyceride is a lipid that is very harmful for your heart. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil helps in reducing triglyceride.

2. Oily Way To Slim Down: Could you actually believe that an oil will help you lose weight? But this oil does help you slim down by preventing the pre-fat cells from becoming fats. Thus it slows down the process of putting on flab.

3. Kills Depression: This oil is great for your mood. EPA is an anti-inflammatory substance present in fish oil that is very good for raising your spirits. It also helps in curing post-partum depression.

4. Relieves Aches & Pains: As we just said, this oil has EPA that reduces inflammation in the body. The health benefits of this oil includes relieving joint pain in adults. Women tend to develop some form of calcium deficiency pains. This oil can help in relieving post-menopausal bone ache.

5. Great For Asthmatics: One of the most bizarre treatments for asthma is to swallow a whole live fish. We don't know if that works but the oil extracted from seafish certainly helps in curing asthma. It has been seen that kids who grow up on a diet rich in fatty fish, tend to have lesser occurrences of respiratory disorders.

6. Protection Against Cancer: Cancer is the worst killer disease in the 22nd century. So, if there is anything that we can do to protect ourselves against cancer then we should do it. The omega-3 fatty acids in this oil helps us to get protection against cancer.

7. Would-Be Mom's Diet: This oil is sometimes prescribed to pregnant women. This is because the DHA present in this oil helps to develop the eyes and brain functions of the unborn child.

These are some of the most vital health benefits of fish oil. Other than these health benefits it also gives you glowing skin and lustrous hair.

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