Sunday, 5 February 2017

6 Worst Breakfast Foods and Healthier Options

There are a lot of myths about breakfast. But all experts agree that the foods you eat for breakfast will affect your mood and eating habits for the entire day.
You’re more likely to overeat and have low energy if you eat the wrong foods for breakfast. Now, let’s look into 6 of the worst breakfast foods and a few healthier alternatives.
1. Fruit juice
You should avoid fruit juice if you’re trying to lose weight. It has high amounts of sugar which can trigger cravings and cause weight gain—even the stuff you make yourself.
In fact, research shows that fruit juice has the same effect on the body as processed beverages with added sugar. Fruit juice lacks fiber – one of the main nutrients that makes fruit healthy.
2. Boxed cereal
Don’t eat cereal just because it’s labelled ‘healthy’. Boxed cereal contains sugar and artificial sweeteners. Avoid it even if it contains whole grains. The dangers of excess sugar outweigh the benefits of whole grains.
3. Pancakes (with maple syrup)
For one thing, pancakes are made from refined flour which has been linked to inflammation and insulin insensitivity. And they’re unhealthier when topped with maple syrup.
But not all pancakes are unhealthy – try the 2-ingredient banana pancake.
4. Bread and margarine
Bread has lots of calories and it’s loaded with sugar. Margarine contains trans fats, which researchers say can cause heart disease, diabetes, inflammation and obesity.
5. Donuts
Doughnuts are just as bad or worse as dessert. They contain trans fats, refined flour and sugar. Consuming them regularly can cause high blood sugar levels, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. And bagels aren’t healthy, either.
6. Non-fat yogurt
Non-fat yogurt has a lot of sugar, just like most non-fat foods. And it doesn’t have natural dairy fat which helps keep hunger at bay.
Healthy Breakfast Alternatives
These foods may not be as sweet as the unhealthy foods above, but they’ll keep you energetic and prevent overeating throughout the day.
1. Plain greek yogurt
Greek yogurt contains protein which has been proven to increase satiety. It’s also a great source of probiotics which improve gut health.
Combine greek yogurt with fruits like berries for a healthy and filling breakfast.
2. Chia seeds
Chia seeds contain fiber, antioxidants and protein. Research shows that they regulate blood sugar levels and reduce hunger. Here’s is a 2-ingredient chia seeds recipe.
3. Oatmeal
Oats are the perfect breakfast food since they’re rich in omega 3s, fiber, potassium and folate. Note that steel-cut oats have more fiber than rolled oats.
But don’t buy sweetened oats. You can make organic oats delicious by adding milk and honey.
4. Fruit
Fruit will curb your sugar cravings without triggering more cravings. And their fiber content will help reduce appetite. Some great breakfast fruits include bananas, grapefruit, oranges, watermelon and apples.
5. Eggs
This list wouldn’t be complete without eggs. Eggs are very nutritious and help keep hunger at bay. In this study, people who ate eggs for breakfast had a lower daily calorie intake and were fuller compared to those who ate bagels.
6. Coffee
Coffee will keep you energetic and alert, hours after drinking it. In fact, research shows that caffeine can help boost metabolism. It’s also rich in antioxidants which reduce inflammation.

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