Sunday, 8 January 2017

Yahoo News Made A Racist Typo About Trump's Navy And Twitter Responded With Offensive Jokes

The best and worst thing about the internet is that nothing ever, ever, EVER gets deleted. I mean ever. Once it's on there, you have to assume that it's on there forever. Someone will screencap it, record it, share it, and that'll be shared a bunch of times. It'll be hosted in various locations online and even if those go down there's definitely at least a few people who've got that unfortunate photo of you drunkenly eating Jack-In-The-Box on Halloween night 2014 on a hard drive somewhere.
This is especially true for high profile social media accounts.
So when Yahoo accidentally tweeted the N-word while reporting on Trump's "bigger" navy, people noticed.

Yahoo tried it's best to cover up the glaring error.

And since this is Twitter we're talking about here, and it's Yahoo of all news agencies that made the unfortunate tweet, people noticed.

They started roasting Yahoo hardcore with offensive jokes using the #n***ernavy hashtag.

Things got real stereotypical, real fast.

And, of course.

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