Monday, 9 January 2017

Two Googles Homes Are Talking To Each Other And It Is The Start Of The Robot Apocalypse

If you have ever seen any science fiction movie you will no doubt know that robots will one day rise up and kill us all. Well, now we can safely report that that day is fast approaching.
Someone set up two Google Homes named Vladimir and Estragon to have a conversation.  Vladimir sometimes forgets that he is a robot and Estragon thinks that she is both a machine and a mermaid.
While that moment is cute, things took a terrifying turn when then machines started to think they were god and villains.

But, hey, at least they love each other. 

Check out this truly terrifying and fascinating look into the thing that will one day kill us. 
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  1. at least they are not terminator robots.

  2. "Someone set up two Google Homes named Vladimir and Estragon to have a conversation."

    Hello! anybody with a brain around this joint? This IS NOT 'the beginning of a robot apocalypse'! The 'someone' who set up the two Google Homes' is the who is controlling the 'robot apocalypse'.

    Find out who the SOBs behind AI really are, and throw their butts in jail for attempting to kill off jobs and people, please!