Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Internet Has No Idea How To Solve This Math Question Given To First Graders

Math is hard. And the moment I no longer had to do it in school was the greatest moment of my life. But judging by the math question a class of six-year-olds got on their homework, I have nothing to complain about it.
Penn Holderness is a first grader from North Carolina and his parents recently took to Facebook after they were puzzled by his latest sheet of maths homework. "Internet friends: solve this 1st grade math homework #showyourwork #mybrainhurts," they wrote. 
When I was six, I had enough trouble with my seven times table, let alone this nonsense. Penn's parents added that it was the last sheet on a booklet of seven pages, so they don't think the teacher expects everyone to get it without the help of their parents.
I definitely need my parents right now. And by the looks of it
"What purpose does this serve in life? Whatever happened to normal math homework," one commenter wrote.
Another joked: "What the heck? I am not smarter than a first grader."

Do you think you've worked it out yet? Well, a few commenters seem to have gotten the same answer. That that the missing letter is J (14.)
One commenter, who we'll assume is a rocket scientist, explained: "You add diagonally and subtract across and down to get the missing number of 14 (J)." They also included their work, as requested:

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