Sunday, 22 January 2017

People With Disabilities Are Organizing A Virtual 'March On Washington'

As hundreds of thousands of woman prepare to descend on Washington, D.C. to voice their opposition to Donald Trump's rhetoric and policy, preaching tolerance and inclusivity, one group will be notably absent — the disability community. 
While the Women's March on Washington, and progressive activism efforts in general, aim to represent all people who are often voiceless in politics, the physical nature of protests often exclude those who suffer from chronic illness and physical limitations. 

To provide an alternative for protestors who are unable to attend the march due to disability, activists created the Disability March


The online movement encourages people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to make their voices heard, despite their absence at Saturday's march. Organizers are asking participants to upload their photos and sentiments showing solidarity with those protesting the Trump presidency. 

The all-volunteer effort has even been named as an official co-sponsor of the Women's March on Washington. 

"I hope that this small effort — which rides the wave of so much other disability activism — can help get the word out about the large number of people with invisible and visible disabilities who need an outlet for sharing their stories and who want to be active," organizer Sonya Huber told Mashable

The event's Twitter page shares the participants' photos and links to their stories for interested individuals to peruse — though the majority of the entries will be uploaded on the actual day of the march. 

Ultimately, organizers hope the movement will allow the disability community to have the visibility they often lack in activist spheres. 

"We are not a peripheral community," Huber said. "In keeping our whole community in mind, our vision for a just society will be more inclusive — and our activism will be more effective."

Those interested in expressing solidarity through the Disability March can submit their stories until Friday, January 20th. 

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