The holidays are over, presents have been opened and returned with gift receipts, and temperatures have dropped even lower — all the fun of winter has vanished. 
It's cold, we're cranky, and all we need is sunshine. And perhaps some dirty humor. 

Luckily, Good Morning America knew exactly how to cheer us up: with an innocent tweet about spring!

...Nice, guys. 
Is this middle school-level sexual humor? Or a well-intentioned countdown to warmer weather?
Will we ever know the truth?

Regardless of GMA's motivations, we're only human and have to assume this titillating tweet was meant to make us giggle.  

As it turns out, everyone's mind is in the gutter.... And they express it in exactly the same way. 

On another note, it's actually pretty good news that we have to wait only 69 days until spring! 

...And at least we know what the good people of GMA will be doing to pass the time until warmer weather.