Saturday, 21 January 2017

Foods That Cause Headache

A very important day in office or a very special occasion can all be spoilt due to a headache. We often blame it on our unhealthy lifestyle or stress. But did you know that there are some foods that can cause a headache. So before you blame it on your migraine or unhealthy lifestyle, recapitulate what you have eaten in the last few hours. And the worst part is that you quickly resort to medicines without any kind of a medical consultation. Even headaches can be evaded with a perfect dietary habit. Here are some foods that may cause a headache.

Chocolates- Are chocolates your favourite? Chocolates are recently gaining a bad name as some researchers have found it to be one of the foods that might lead to a headache. The elements phenylethylamine and theobromine in some chocolates may trigger a headache as they lead to the dilation of blood vessels in our body.

Cheese- Old cheese is one of the foods that causes headaches. Cheese is rich in an enzyme called thyramine that increases blood pressure. This in turn might cause a headache. The older the cheese the greater amount of thyramine it has. So, it is better to stick to small quantities of cheese and not eat the blue or mouldy cheese in order to avoid a headache.

Alcoholic Beverages- All alcoholic beverages, especially red wine, can cause a headache. Alcoholic beverages thin our blood and increases its flow to the brain. Alcohol may also result in dehydration which is again a cause for headaches.

A preservative named sulfite is used in the red wine. Sulfite may result in major migraine headaches. So, people who have a migraine problem must avoid red wine.

Coffee- We always associate caffeine with the reduction of headaches right? But this not always the case. It might just do the opposite sometimes. If the caffeine reacts with the magnesium in our body then it might cause a headache. If you happen to have too much of coffee in a day then that too might be a reason for your headache.

Ice Cream- Wondering how? Well, its the ice and not the cream that is the reason for your headache. Most of the times when we feel hot we intend to have an ice cream or a cold drink. The problem arises when we have it too fast. This results in the rapid contraction of blood vessels in our brain. This makes ice cream, one of the foods that might cause a headache.

Soy Sauce- Soy sauce is used in may foods. The over consumption of such foods might cause a headache. Soy sauce contains an element called monosodium glutamate that leads to headaches. Also, soy sauce is also very salty and that often leads to dehydration which another cause for headaches.

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