Monday, 5 December 2016

When Police Set Up A Camera To Catch A Mountain Lion, They Really Didn’t Expect To See This! (13 pics)

People in Gardner Park, Kansas reported to the police that they noticed a mountain lion in one of the neighborhoods. So, the police set up a couple of cameras to catch it. But after they saw a footage, to say they were surprised is an understatement. They absolutely weren’t prepared to see this…
Brace yourself, because you won’t be able to unseen it.

When they reviewed the footage afterwards, they found a whole bunch of different wildlife. Like this skunk for instance

And a coyote

And this raccoon

But there was no sign of a mountain lion

Although they did find something scarier

Much scarier

Like this wolf in high heels

And this creepy gas mask guy

And whatever the hell this thing is

Thinking of going to Kansas for your holidays?

We’re not.


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