Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Visuals In Commercials Were Taken To The Next Level By An American Photographer (6 pics)

Steve Giralt, a photographer from Miami, was creating a burger commercial and wanted to use a “burger drop” technique, which is usually done with CGI.
But Steve decided to omit using graphics and spent a whole month creating and applying PATRIC - Precision Arduino Timing Relay Imaging Controller.

It took 10 tries to film the flying ingredients, only 4 of them forming a burger, but to hit it with mustard and ketchup was a challenge for 20 tries.

Placing the beer without it spilling took 10 tries.

Steve said he did it for the challenge and the month was too long, he could've done it quicker but he had other assignments.

A burning passion or too much free time? You decide.

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