Thursday, 17 November 2016

You Won’t Believe What A Chinese Company Forces Their Employees To Do If They Don’t Meet Their Sales Goals (4 pics)

Apparently, a company in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, makes their employees drink baijou liquor and eat live mealworms if they fail to meet their sales targets as a punishment. It was reported that 60 employees were gathered in a plaza in downtown Hanzhong where the punishment took place. People who witnessed it, put the photos on the internet. They said that a man with a plastic bag approached the workers putting live worms into their cups filled with baijou. Then those who got worms in their cup had to drink it in front of their colleagues. One of the employees anonymously reported to the Huashang Daily newspaper that they swallowed four worms for every client they lost. And when one of the female employees refused to drink her “cocktail” because she was pregnant and didn’t want to lose her baby, one of her male colleagues received a cruel punishment on her behalf.
After these pictures were leaked to the social media, it sparked anger of millions of people. Then some other employees came forward and said that it wasn’t an isolated incident and that it happens often. The company that practice it was identified as Ai Jia and some of it workers said they received punishments the next day if they didn’t achieve sales targets of the company. And other than worms, they had to eat live squid and ants. However, company claims that they were “receiving it willingly” and that it was more of “a special form of encouragement.” Now, the company will probably get a small fine to pay as this attitude is a direct violation of the article 88 of China’s employment contract law which states that it is prohibited to humiliate or physically harm their workers. But will it stop the company to do this again, I guess we’ll see…

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