Monday, 19 September 2016

Reasons Why Bread Is Unhealthy For You

Did you know that your white slice of bread is actually unhealthy for you to consume at any moment of the day. There are a lot of reasons as to why eating bread is unhealthy, and why you should opt for other sources of food when you are hungry. Eating bread on a daily basis can increase chances of developing certain diseases which will adversely affect your health.
Surprising that for a very long time experts have claimed to say that white bread and refined grains in general are not particularly nutritious but we still consume because of the taste. One piece of advice Boldsky can give you is this - 'The whiter the bread the sooner you are dead!' If you switch to brown bread and not be added to a daily diet, it is healthy and a wise decision. But, if you make it a habit to consume bread daily, then you are inviting trouble for yourself.
Here we have enlisted some of the main reasons why eating bread is unhealthy. Take a look at these reasons and you will understand why we are advicing you to not make this your daily source of food.
It is true that bread has no form of nutrients present in it to keep you healthy. When you are trying to suppress your cravings you are most likely looking at increasing your intake of proteins and vitamins too. But, in any form of bread does not provide you with nutrients that is necessary.
High Level Of Soduim
 Breads contain a very high level of sodium, This high amount of sodium contributes to heart diseases. If you are having bread regularly, then you are contributing to high levels of salt in the body.

 Weight Gain 

Some may think that avoiding rice and switching to bread is ideal. But, did you know that bread does amount to a lot of calorie-intake if you consume it on a daily diet. 

Hunger pangs 
When it comes to choosing between white and brown bread, most people go in for white bread, as it tastes better! But the problem is that white bread does not fill you unlike brown bread. The carbohydrates is higher in white bread than brown bread. But, this does not mean that brown bread should be consumed daily.

Glutten issues 
Wheat contains high amount of a protein called gluten. This protein gives rise to Coeliac disease (a disease where many people experience an upset stomach after they have consumed bread). This is one of the symptoms of gluten intolerance.

High in carbohydrates
 Experts say that those items which have been prepared from bread contain high amounts of carbohydrates. An overdose of carbs will cause brain fog, which only means a decrease of cognitive functioning. 

Increase blood sugar 
The starch in bread gets broken down quickly in the digestive tract and enters the bloodstream as glucose. This causes a rapid spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why eating bread is unhealthy. 

Other substances
 Most types of bread contain a certain amount of sugar or high fructose corn syrup, just like processed foods. This sugar causes a lot of adverse effects on your health.

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