Saturday, 3 September 2016

Amount Of Money You Need To Be Happy According To Jack Ma (2 pics)

In a recent speech about wealth Jack Ma expressed his ideas based on his experience concerning the sum of money necessary for people to be happy. It may be surprising but he wasn't talking about millions.

How much money do you need to be happy? If you believe the word of a man who’s experienced both very low and very high incomes, it’s not as much as you think.
At a recent internal meeting, Jack Ma reportedly shared his thoughts on wealth and happiness (currencies converted):
China’s happiest people are those earning US$3,000 to US$4,500 a month.
Why? Because, according to Ma, people earning US$3,000, US$4,500, or US$6,000 a month “can have a little house, and a car, and a family.”
“There’s nothing happier than that, that is a happy life,” he said.As far as being wealthy, Ma says that’s not all it’s cracked up to be. “
Once you get beyond a few million, the troubles start coming up,” he said.
Of course, most of us non-millionaires are probably thinking we’d take on a few extra troubles in return for Jack Ma’s bank account numbers, but for what it’s worth, Ma has said this kind of thing before. About a year ago, appearing on a Chinese TV show, he told the host that his happiest days were when he was working as a teacher and earning less than US$15 a month.
“The more money you have, the more things you have to do,” he lamented.

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