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8 Touching Acts of Kindness by Restaurant Servers

The waiter who intervened during the mugging of an elderly man
A Washington D.C. waiter channeled his inner superhero when an elderly man was mugged in front of his workplace in July 2016.

The man was walking along Massachusetts Avenue in front of the Dignitary bar when an assailant tackled him to the ground. He was also brandishing a knife.

The waiter, who chooses to remain anonymous, sprung into action. He kicked the suspect, and then wrestled him for the knife. The mugger got away with the victim's wallet, but he might not be on the lamb for long—D.C. police now have his knife and are hoping to collect a DNA sample.

The waiter whose kindness toward a man with cerebral palsy went viral
A South Carolina waiter who goes only by the name of "Five" has a new friend in Lee Bondurant of Raleigh, North Carolina. Lee, who has cerebral palsy and is unable to use his hands, was touched by Five's kindness after the server offered to feed him.

Linda Bondurant was trying to feed both herself and her son at the 42nd St. Oyster Bar when Five offered assistance. "He casually came over and asked Lee if he had ever had oysters," Linda recalled. "Lee told him he had not. So, [Five] asked [if he] could he serve him his first." Linda posted the story onto Lee's Facebook page where it received over 1,300 shares, and accolades for Five, who doesn't get all the fuss—he wanted to literally lend a helping hand. "Seafood is best eaten hot, so I didn't want her food to get cold. I didn't want his food to get cold," recalled Five, "I just wanted to help a fellow man out."

A waitress and boy who teamed up to feed a homeless man
We don't know the city — Rooster's Wings is a chain in several states — but this restaurant interaction also went viral and for good reason.

According to a Facebook page called Love What Matters, a homeless man came into the establishment and ordered a Coke. When asked if he wanted anything to eat, he said he only had enough for the drink and a tip. A boy sitting nearby overheard the conversation and intervened saying he would gladly pay for whatever the man wanted. The man didn't want to be a bother and declined. That's when the server jumped in and said she, too, would give him anything he wanted from the menu for free. They pleaded with the man for a full five minutes before he recanted and ordered some wings. Kudos to both the server and the kid for their persistence and kindness!

The waitress who picked up the tab for a police officer and his family
Sergeant Terry Lewis has been with the Excelsior PD in Excelsior Springs, MO for eight years. In recent months, with anti-police sentiment at an all-time high, his spirits had taken a hit — until one night in July 2016.

He was eating dinner at Applebees with his family when their waitress approached the table and thanked him for his service. When he later asked for the check, he was shocked to find a note instead, which read, "Thank you and fellow officers. You're appreciated very much. Signed, Your server and friends who support you." His bill was paid in full.

Lewis keeps the note in his uniform, right by his heart. He never got to thank the server and hopes she knows how much it meant. He said, "You have no idea — the timing of that thank you. Amongst everything that's going on in the world, if I could I would throw my arms around her."

The waiter who handed out pizza to hungry migrant children
In September 2015, a Reuters photographer captured a moment of kindness amid the chaos of Europe's migrant crisis. In the Slovenian border village of Sentilj, one server delivered pizza to a group of migrants and refugees waiting behind a fence.

Many individuals at the country's borders scrambled to lend a helping hand and gave out meals. While we don't know the waiters name or his backstory, his kind gesture continues to resonate with folks around the world.

The waiter who helped a tired mom by feeding her baby
Arkansas mom Dallas French posted to Facebook about how an Olive Garden waiter went above and beyond to make sure that she and her family enjoyed their meal. It has been shared more than 28,000 times.

French went to the Little Rock restaurant after her infant daughter underwent some tests at the hospital. As she was was about to feed the baby, she spilled the bottle and had to make another. Her server, who had just brought her salad and breadsticks, said, “Let me feed her and you eat.”

French was extremely thankful for the help. She later wrote, “He didn't even know what we had gone through that day and showed us love and understanding. (He was) not irritated that I had made a mess, and my baby was screaming.” ( )

The waiter who performed the Heimlich on a choking teen
Gabriel Bergeron, a server at the Mongolian Village restaurant in Ottawa, is being hailed as a hero after coming to the rescue of a choking customer.

Tracy Hill and her family of six — including her husband, her daughter Emily and her partner, and son Zack — turned up at the restaurant. During their meal, Zack appeared to be choking. Tracy tried to perform the Heimlich herself, but it didn't work. 21-year-old waiter Gabriel then “appeared out of nowhere. He just grabbed Zack, lifted him right off the floor and Heimliched him, and the piece of calamari popped right out — onto the plate.”

Zack later admitted he'd never performed the Heimlich maneuver before, but recalls “some training” back in elementary school. ( )

The waiter who fed a customer with no hands
Georgia waiter Alex Ruiz, 22, is being hailed a hero for helping a customer who couldn't feed himself because he had no hands.

Ruiz, who works at Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill in Douglasville, Georgia quickly recognized that the man wouldn't be able to eat by himself without hands. He sat down across from the customer and fed him bites of food. Over the course of the more than 30-minute meal, Ruiz didn't get up from the table once.

Another patron, Reginald Widener, posted the above photo on Facebook. Of course, it immediately went viral.

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