Monday, 22 August 2016

25 Reasons Why Lemon is a Super Food

Lemon might look tiny, but it is one of those magical foods that has a lot of great stuff hidden inside. Lemon has some great, distinct qualities that make it rank higher on the chart.
Given below are 25 reasons why you should regularly consume lemon.
1. Since it is a citrus fruit, it helps fight against various infections. It naturally helps by producing white blood cells and other antibodies in blood that help the body fight infections.
2. It helps both, in preventing and curing osteoarthritis.
3. Being an antioxidant, it also helps control many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke.
4. Lemon controls the level of HDL, which helps in keeping the blood pressure low.
5. It also helps against severe diseases like breast cancer, colon and prostate thanks to the presence of anti-carcinogenic.
6. Lemon juice helps keep the skin fresh by removing wrinkles.
7. Lemon juice is also used to treat diphtheria. Gargling it also help relieve throat infections.
8. They also prevent nitrosamines from forming in the gut.
9. Mix a few drops of lemon juice with hot water and drink it to help clear the digestive tract and purify the liver.
10. It is also a remedy against the common cold.
11. It helps control inflammation of the tongue, stomatitis and gingivitis.
12. Even the skin of a lemon is useful, as it can also be used as a powder after drying it under the sun. It helps in relieving headaches.
13. Lemon drops also help in controlling acne.
14. It is a natural hair lightener and can also be used as skin bleach. It is better than hair dyes and chemical bleaches as there is no risk of allergy.
15. It also helps in the treatment of gonorrhea and urinary track infection.
16. It also helps reduce colic pain and gastric issues.
17. It also helps fight pain caused by the bites or stings of certain insects.
18. It can be used with glycerin to sooth the dry skin.
19. Since it kills bacteria, it is also used to preserve/marinate seafood or meat.
20. It is also good for the mouth and helps in teeth whitening, removing plaque and strengthening the enamel.
21. Lemon is also used as a drink, lemonade. It helps a lot with diarrhea.
22. A small amount of lemon syrup everyday can help control asthma.
23. Lemon juice also helps relive itchy skin and chilblains.
24. It also helps lowering cholesterol levels and bringing down your weight, when taken with a pinch of warm salt every morning.
25. It is excellent in case you are suffering from dandruff or greasy hair.
The importance of lemon is clear. Make it a habit to use it daily. Everything from its juice to its skin to its seed is useful. Make good use of this super food and bid adieu to those dangerous diseases.

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