Friday, 3 June 2016

Shipping Containers Transformed Into Vacation Homes (10 pics)

aUsing shipping containers as something other than cargo carriers is a very popular idea these days. They are perfect for temporary facility like, for example, vacation rentals. They are cheap and can be installed only a few meters away from the beach. Plus they can be modified in different creative ways and look awesome. This one is a perfect example of it.

Just a short walk away from the warm, sandy beaches in Carolina Beach, NC, are two large shipping containers.
They are much more than storage units, however.
They are modern structures, packed with everyday amenities, and they’re ready for visitors!
There are two almost identical shipping containers that act as vacation homes for North Carolina visitors.
The shipping containers are named the Conchs and comfortably fit two adults and one child.
They were created by the owner, Shelly, in an effort to offer a unique, low-profile vacation rental for visitors.
The two shipping contains are located on adjoining lots so they can be rented together or separately for couples who are looking for a simpler type of getaway.

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