Monday, 23 May 2016

This Teen Brought Her Dog To Her Tinder Date And It Was Lit AF

On Wednesday, Michaela Flowers shared a play-by-play of her Tinder date to the super-popular Cool Dog Group on Facebook.

The Australian teen’s post ended up getting over 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments before it was deleted around midnight.

Michaela matched with Darcy on April 26. At first, they shared a few GIFs and talk about their mutual love for Judge Judy.

Eventually the pair began talking about Michaela’s dog, and Michaela jokingly offered to take Alfie to Darcy’s house.

“I don’t think Darcy actually thought I would turn up. But I did. And I showed up with my dog at his doorstep,” Michaela told BuzzFeed.
Michaela got her dog, Alfie, 18 months ago, and spends most of her time with him. She told BuzzFeed she found it only fitting that Alfie come with her on her date.
Michaela posted in Cool Dog Group on the way to the date, and the thousands of members were eager for updates. After she got permission from Darcy, Michaela spilled the beans on all the happenings in the dog-human double date.
Michaela and Darcy met up, and she introduced Alfie to Darcy’s dog, Rufus, before chilling out and watching some Judge Judy.

Michaela and Darcy haven’t had a second meeting yet, but she is hopeful for another doggy-date soon.

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