Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Living In The Arctic Has Its Perks French photographer Brice (20 pics)

Portolano made a series of photos called "Arctic Love" which talks about a young Finnish woman Tinja who left the he city and decided to go back to the wilderness to raise sled dogs. "Tinja’s husky farm is off the grid: she cooks and heats with a wood stove, lights her home with candles and has to break the ice of the river every morning to get her water with a bucket. Inside her house is also a sauna where not only does she wash herself, but also does the dishes and her laundry." That's how Brice described Tinja's life in the Arctic. Even though it seems very difficult to live like that in our modern age where comfort plays a tremendous role, Tinja prefers this lifestyle, plus living close to nature has its perks. Check it out.

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