Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Man Sells His House, Buys A Trailer And Starts Traveling Across America With His Family (27 pics)

Joe Hendricks is a man who decided to live his dream. This is how he's doing it in his own words and pictures:

I’ve always been the person to tell people to chase their dreams, so I decided to take my own advice
My dream is to make a living as a professional landscape photographer while travelling America and this is how I’m making it happen!

We sold our house, cars, most of our possessions and bought a 30ft Airstream that we could all live in comfortably

But when we told other people what we were doing, their eyes lit up and I could see we were doing the right thing

What most people want to know, is how do I make money on the road?

Well, I’m an established professional wedding photographer in Nashville TN and I make enough to stay out on the road and live this Airstream lifestyle of ours

I hope to eventually make all my income from landscape photography, selling prints and traveling America

But it’s going to take some time to make that transition

For now, I do what I need to pay our bills and make it happen


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