Friday, 25 March 2016

Woman Takes In A 21-Year-Old Cat To Make His Final Days As Happy As She Can (11 pics)

Adriene Nicole adopted a 21 year old Tigger after he was abandoned at a local veterinary surgery by his human. If his age and his health issues were a problem for his owner, it didn't bother Adriene at all. She decided to give him the best remaining days humanly possible. At the sunset of his life, 21-year-old cat Tigger was abandoned by his human
But then Adriene Nicole came along

But then Adriene Nicole came along

Not only was he underweight and his fur was matted, Nicole soon discovered he was terminally ill

But it didn’t hold Nicole or Tigger back

“Though he has kidney failure and we found a tumor, he kicks it like a 12 yr old”

“We decided to create a bucket list full of random adventures [for Tigger]”

“Though it might not be much to others, all the little trips outside are a blast for him because he loves to be outdoors…”

“…The beach being his favorite so far”

“He has forever changed our hearts and will hopefully change the hearts of others when it comes to adopting older pets!”


  1. That's very sweet. Older kitties need love as much as the younger ones, if not more because everyone wants kittens. I'm glad to see that there are still some caring people in the world. Best wishes to you all