Saturday, 26 March 2016

Father And Son Transform Their Porch Into A Stylish Cave Man (25 pics)

Father and son decided that their empty porch that added no value to their house was needed a complete makeover. After working on this DIY project for over the year it resulted in something amazing. Check it out.
Prepping to install a western red cedar ceiling. First step was to strap the ceiling after identifying the rafters above.

Ceiling installed. Next step is to create a fireplace where the screen is currently.

Knocked out the screen. Poured a 4′ x 16′ footing to accommodate the weight of the fireplace. First step was to establish the fire box.

Next we decided to create wood storage bins on each side of the fireplace. Each box is approximately 3′ x 5′ x 4′ d.

Fire bins, fireplace, and smoke chamber complete.

Chimney complete. Proper roof flashing installed. Masons we hired to do the block work were able to do the stucco as well. They did an amazing job.

Doors complete. Testing the fireplace draw. Works great!

All the wood moved inside. The two storage bins are able to accommodate 1/2 a cord of wood.

Beginning to frame in fire boxes and fireplace. Created latches for the wood doors with some scrap cedar.

Completed the mantle and decorative combing around fireplace. Installed dimmable Edison bulb lights. Used a spare piece of cedar from the ceiling and some black wire for a custom light fixture.

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